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Pride Pub: Your Grub and Grog Selections for Orlando City vs. Columbus Crew

This week Columbus Crew SC comes to town for the U.S. Open Cup and we're here to maximize your tailgating experience for the latest match in this growing rivalry. Whether you're watching at home or heading to the Citrus Bowl, we've got you covered.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are in the Pride Pub to fill your cups and bellies for the U.S. Open Cup match between Orlando City SC and Columbus Crew SC.

Normally, the idea is to find an accessible beer from where our opponent hails. However, I was unable to find an Ohio Brew (let alone a Columbus brew) that we could get anywhere close to the Sunshine State. This wasn't something I ever anticipated happening with the expansive growth of worthy craft beers. (Editor's Note: If you can get someone to FedEx you some Great Lakes or Land Grant offerings, do it! Also, don't tell anyone we said to do that because it's illegal and you should never do that.)

As such, I searched the nearby states around Ohio to find something we could recommend.  What did I come up with? Leinenkugel Brewery from Wisconsin. Turns out that our potential rivals can't even have a good craft beer that is available nationwide (though I'm sure there are awesome beers to be had locally - Ed. Note: there are!).

From Ohio (via Wisconsin) - Sunset Wheat, Leinenkugel Brewery

We're going to skip the MLS potential rivalry thing. This is a U.S. Open Cup match. And it is a must win. So why the Sunset Wheat? Well, frankly, they grow plenty of wheat in Ohio, and hopefully this will be the sunset of the Crew's U.S. Open Cup journey. Plus a Leinie is a darn good beer to enjoy in the heat of summer in Florida.

From the Brewery:

"Our award-winning Belgian-style witbier, Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat has notes of orange and blueberry, and a tart, citrusy finish. Top it with an orange wheel to add another note to the aroma and settle in for a sunset."

Pair with: Salsa Chicken Burritos. Because they sound delicious no matter what you're having, right?

From Florida - Last Stop IPA, Brew Bus Brewing Co.

From the Brewery:

"Last stop is our American IPA brewed with a copious amount of floral hops for a beer that's bitter yet highly drinkable." (Writer's note: not a ton mentioned on-line, but since it's an American IPA with floral hops, it will still be good for the higher temperatures in Florida).

Pair with: Grilled Inversion IPA Brats. That's right. Brats are a Midwestern food, and we're taking it from them for our Florida Beer!!! Check out this delicious recipe for an IPA-infused brat (just substitute the Last Stop for the Inversion).

So, we've been a bit antagonistic this time in the Pub, but hey, this is becoming a bit of a rivalry with the Columbus Crew. So be it.

Let's eat Brats, drink beer and defeat the Crew!