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How Orlando City Dominated the Flanks and the Colorado Rapids

How did Orlando City break down Colorado tactically? We analyze Cyle Larin's goal and the impact of Carlos Rivas entering the game in City's 2-0 victory.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Orlando City rebounded after a tough outing against Montreal to beat the Colorado Rapids 2-0 at the Citrus Bowl on Wednesday night. City dominated the stat sheet, controlling 56% of the possession and recording twice as many shots on target as their opposition. Orlando's pace was instrumental in breaking down Colorado's back line.

The turning point of the match was Carlos Rivas' entrance in the 39th minute. Rivas was able to take advantage of Colorado's less athletic outside backs and his unselfish play led to some excellent chances and goals for Orlando. In the 45th minute, Rivas sets Kaká up for a nice chance before the break.

On this play, Colorado right back Joseph Greenspan is caught way too far out and doesn't know where he should be. Luke Boden plays a ball between center back Drew Moor and Greenspan, while Rivas uses his pace to get past Greenspan on the right.

Moor has to slide over to address Rivas and the other center back, Shane O'Neill, doesn't slide with Moor, leaving a ton of space for Kaká, who takes advantage of the space. Rivas has two options: He can take the player on and go to goal, or pass the ball to Kaká. He unselfishly opts to pass the ball to Kaká, who has a great opportunity right before the half. Rivas' pace and Colorado's lack of having any back four shape creates this opportunity.

Later on in the match, Orlando City connects on six straight passes before Rivas, who beats Greenspan on the outside, plays a brilliant ball in to Larin and it finds the back of the net.

Greenspan has cover on the inside and he also has a midfielder tracking back to help trap Rivas. Greenspan's body position is inviting Rivas to go to the only place that is dangerous, which is behind him. Rivas pushes the ball past Greenspan and whips a ball in with pace and shape, and Larin makes no mistake.

Here is the Larin goal in its entirety.

This was Carlos Rivas' coming out party. Rivas was undoubtedly the man of the match Wednesday night, and with Brek Shea out for a few weeks, it's time for the Colombian to shine.