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Tactical Breakdown: Montreal's First Goal (What Orlando Could Have Done Better)

Was there anything more Orlando City could of done on Montreal's first goal? Is Brek Shea fully to blame for losing his man? We take a deep dive at the opening tally from Saturday's match in our tactical breakdown.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Montreal took the lead on a spectacular header by Donny Toia that left Orlando City's keeper Tally Hall helpless. Toia's goal was set up by a corner kick taken three minutes prior. Let's break down Orlando's defending on the two corner kicks and what led to Toia's brilliant finish.

This is the corner kick taken three minutes prior to Toia's goal. The first thing you should notice is Brek Shea and his spacing to Toia. He is late to react to Toia's near-post run. The second is Darwin Cerén's body position. Cerén has no idea what is going on behind him and he is ball watching. On this play, the ball goes to the far post and Hall makes the save.

Three minutes later, Montreal gets another corner kick. Orlando City is man marking in the penalty area and everything is set up well. Cerén is ball watching again, and is going to be partially to blame for this goal. Cerén should have his body opened up to the field so that he can have the vision to see the run come across him. He has no one to mark and should be denying the near post ball in. Toia gets his separation from Shea with a push.

Shea is not off the hook on the play. He needs to anticipate the run better and minimize the space between him and Toia. Shea's responsibility is to mark Toia. Toia appears to have more pace on both corner kicks. Cerén still has no idea where Toia is.

Toia has all the space he needs at this point and he is going to run right in front of Cerén and use him as a "pick" for Shea.

The moment of impact for Toia -- he has the space, Shea is late, and Cerén is caught ball watching. Toia is not in a dangerous area, but he does well and gets his head on the ball. As a striker, if you get your body on the ball, good things can happen. It is an excellent goal but it could have been defended better. 

Here's a look at the goal, so you can see it all in action:

Set-pieces and defending will be important if Orlando City wants to progress to the MLS playoffs or make a deep run in the U.S. Open Cup. The Lions need to sure up their defending on set pieces as they have been punished in multiple matches this season.