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Transfer Rumors: Legendary Chelsea Striker Didier Drogba Spurns 2-Year Orlando City Deal

According to a Sky Sports report, the 37-year-old Ivorian turned down an opportunity to wear purple and win trophies with the Lions.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Sky Sports in England, citing their sources, is reporting today that ex-Chelsea striker Didier Drogba turned down a two-year contract offer from Orlando City. Other news outlets, including FOX, have picked up on Sky's report, which doesn't honestly say a whole lot.

The Florida-based Major League Soccer side had been hoping to link him with Brazilian star Kaka but the 37-year-old is considering other options after ending his second spell at Stamford Bridge at the end of the last season.

There's not a whole lot of meat on the bones here. In a story that has since been taken down by's Fansided, O'Town's 11 reported a couple of weeks ago that Orlando City had rejected a bid to land the Ivorian international striker and Chelsea legend. So it seems there may have been some mutual interest there, but perhaps the figures were too far apart.

From a soccer standpoint, at 37, it's doubtful Drogba has much left in the tank to give, particularly in a climate such as Orlando's. Would it be worthwhile to throw huge money at him to have him only play the final 25 minutes of each match? That doesn't seem to be the way the Orlando City's ownership group likes to spend its cash.

We know the Lions are looking to add a piece to the strike force, midfield and defense this summer, but Drogba doesn't seem like the proper fit. We're giving the credibility of this rumor a big old "meh."


Paul Tenorio of the Orlando Sentinel has sources that refute Sky Sports' sources.

A representative for Drogba did reach out to Orlando City, however "there was never an ounce of interest," from the Lions, one source with direct knowledge told the Sentinel.

Meanwhile, another source said Podolski has expressed interest in coming to MLS, but the German striker was not a fit for Orlando City.

Since he generally has his finger directly on the pulse of Orlando City, that should put the Drogba rumor to bed. Also the Podolski rumor, while we're at it. But hey, Chicharito is still in play if he wants to come.