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Lion Links: 6/17/15

Iron Lion Firm reveals real reason behind fundraising campaign, Orlando City uses soccer stadium money to help homeless, Shea and Kaka love each other, and a former FIFA executive has been undercover since 2011. Also: A Happy Birthday shout-out to an Orlando player. It's all here in Wednesday's Lion Links.

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It's Wednesday, y'all. So there's that. The Mane Land wants to dish a special birthday shout-out to Orlando City's Kevin Molino, who turns 25 today. After what's surely been a difficult month after tearing his ACL in early May, here's wishing Kevin an awesome birthday from everyone here at TML. Now, let's get to these links!

Heath Can Pay his Own Fine

Last week, the Iron Lion Firm started a campaign to help raise money to pay for Orlando City coach Adrian Heath's tampering fine. Yeah, say what you want. Heath makes enough money to pay his own fine. Maybe you even think Heath shouldn't have been fined in the first place. I've personally never been one to raise money for someone who has exponentially more than I do.

But, as it turns out, the ILF had planned all along to take the money they raised and donate it to the Orlando City Foundation. They raised $1,500 in the first three days, and will continued to keep the fund open until Monday evening. It will be interesting to see how much more money is donated now that the cause is different than the one originally advertised.

Anyhow, in the end, nice job ILF.

Helping the Homeless

After Orlando City decided to privately fund the construction of its own stadium, the city is going to put some of that money to good use by putting $1 million of the money previously set aside for the stadium to homelessness initiatives.

Well done, Orlando. Well done.

I Love You, Man

There's an intense bromance it seems between Brek Shea and Kaka. Have some fun with this, guys. Drop your best captions in the comment section too if ya like!

Louisville City FC Falls in Extra Time to Chicago Fire

Sure, I've never even been to Louisville, and I'm only lukewarm about horses, but it's hard not to have a bit of affinity for Orlando City's USL affiliate. Tonight was not their night, however, as they fell 1-0 to the Chicago Fire in U.S. Open Cup play on a 115th minute Quincy Amarikwa strike. Insanely tough way to go out for Louisville, but credit to them for putting up one heck of a fight. (Editors Note: Late-night Editor wrote this one. Allen may like horses. Or not. The world may never know.)

USWNT Defeats Nigeria 1-0, Wins Group of Death

Way to go, ladies! With a volleyed Abby Wambach strike in the 45th minute, the U.S. Women's National Team defeated Nigeria 1-0 to win Group D.

It wasn't always the prettiest opening round for the Yanks, but they got the results they needed to win the group in the end. And hey, when in doubt, just blame the turf!

Former FIFA Executive Committee Member Was Undercover

It just so happens, former FIFA executive committee member Chuck Blazer has been undercover for U.S. prosecutors since 2011 in an effort to cooperate with their investigation into soccer corruption.

The most interesting thing about this is, the 10 counts Blazer pleaded guilty to total up to 100 years in prison. A lot of that will get knocked off for his cooperation, but this is the snitch we are talking about. Think about what the people who go down with the ship in court are going to get.

This whole thing sounds a lot like Batman trying to down Carmine Falcone. Without all the cool fight scenes, and the Batmobile. So basically, it just sounds like a big court case involving the mob.

Inzaghi Canned by Milan

Filippo Inzaghi has been fired by Milan.

It's a shame, really. Inzaghi had done a lot of nice things with the youth team, and he got his chance as replacement at the top level and couldn't even make it to the second season.

Only in coaching can you be very successful at one level, move on to the next level, be not as successful, and then have everyone forget you ever even knew how to tie your shoes. The coaching world is full of sharks.

Think twice before taking that promotion, guys.


That's right. You guys are taking promotion advice from the unemployed guy. It's that kind of Wednesday. Enjoy it.