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PawedCast Episode 13: DC & LA Review / San Jose Earthquakes Preview

After a week off, we're back to break down the loss at D.C. and the 4-0 win over the Galaxy. We're also previewing Sunday's match at San Jose and we've got lots of other things to talk about -- injuries, returns and goals!

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We're back after a week off and we're really, really sorry! Last week's double game week crowded not only the fixture schedule but also our publication schedule, and since we're a little short staffed right now -- well, no excuses but hey, we just couldn't fit in a show last week.

Not to worry!

We're here to recap the loss at D.C. United, as well as the huge win Sunday over LA Galaxy. We've also got some other things to talk about, such as Cyle Larin's goal-scoring streak, Tally Hall's return to the lineup and more! And we look ahead to Sunday's match-up against the San Jose Earthquakes.

The Quakes aren't the Western Conference's punching bag anymore and taking three points out of Levi's Stadium on Sunday won't be easy. Here to give us the scoop on all things San Jose is Center Line Soccer Managing Editor Robert Jonas, who was nice enough to spend about 20 minutes with us to talk Quakes soccer.

And, as always, our laughable predictions.

Here's how it happened:

* * *

0:27- Me, Andrew and Austin break down the DC loss, the LA win and we talk about injuries, returns and goals (finally!).

31:04- Robert Jonas joins us to give us the scoop on San Jose.

51:33- Our final thoughts and LULZ-worthy predictions!