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Orlando City Lions as Mad Men Characters

With the series finale of the iconic AMC drama airing last night just after City's first home MLS win, it's time for a little fun. We imagine some of Orlando City's leading men as Mad Men characters.

AMC Promotional Photo

Shortly after Orlando City dismantled the LA Galaxy on national television, AMC aired the series finale of its brilliant drama, Mad Men. Show runner Matt Weiner knocked the finale out of the park, giving it one of the better closing episodes to a series in recent memory.

By way of tribute to the close of one of television's most well-crafted dramas of all time, I thought I'd pay tribute to Mad Men by considering which Orlando City Lions are representative of the show's characters.

Stan Rizzo

Character description: Prone to being a bit unkempt, Stan's appearance can mask his underlying intelligence and creativity. He's quick on his feet when having to change a campaign on the fly and sometimes seems a bit "out there." Knows how to relax when others around him are uptight, while remaining focused on the task at hand.

Orlando City counterpart: Brek Shea

Pete Campbell

Character description: Pete is a powerhouse worker who helped keep the firm afloat when some of the people around him were engulfed in their own struggles. He's all business when he walks through the doors of the firm and does whatever is necessary to get the job done. His style sometimes gets under people's skin. Driven to succeed.

Orlando City counterpart: Aurelien Collin

Joan Harris

Character description: Joan knows how to best use her assets to get people to do what she wants and to help the firm best use its resources so it can be successful. She keeps everything running smoothly, but she is also fiery, and can be quick to show her wrath when people aren't doing their jobs. Her subordinates sometimes find her intimidating.

Orlando City counterpart: Adrian Heath

Peggy Olson

Character description: Peggy is a hard worker who never seems to get the credit she deserves. She continually has to do more than those around her to receive the same level of acknowledgement and she pulls it off, time after time. Despite being under-appreciated at times, her talent shines through and the firm is much better for having her.

Orlando City counterpart: Darwin Ceren

Roger Sterling

Character description: Roger is a suave elder statesman, who others often turn to for advice. He has the voice of experience, because he's been in the business a long time. Although he has a great sense of humor, he's serious about the work. A good company man.

Orlando City counterpart: Donovan Ricketts

Don Draper

Character description: The charming, debonair star of the show. Don's talent makes him an irreplaceable leader in the firm. Others defer to him for his expertise and let him do the heavy lifting because he can handle it. He's a mesmerizing performer in the board room when he goes to work.

Orlando City counterpart: Kaká

* * *

And there you have it. As we bid goodbye to Mad Men, we are hopefully also welcoming the beginning of a lot more Orlando City performances like the one last night.

Who do you think best matches up with your favorite Mad Men characters?