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Could Aurelien Collin Play International Soccer for Venezuela?

Snubbed by his native France, there is actually an opportunity for the Frenchman to play international soccer with the South American nation.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Orlando City defender Aurelien Collin was born in Enghien-les-Bains, France, and holds a U.S. green card. So of course he wants to play international soccer for...Venezuela. It sounds strange but, according to this story, Collin would like to suit up and represent La Vinotinto.

Can this actually happen?

Well, maybe. Collin is married to a Venezuelan and he owns a home in that country. FIFA rules state that a non-native player must be nationalized and show five years of residence. With loopholes being what they are these days, perhaps just owning a home in Venezuela, marrying a native of the country and spending a few weeks a year there will qualify him.

In the article linked above, Collin is quoted as saying that he fell in love with the country of Venezuela and that it would be an honor and a blessing to represent the South American nation. He also said his wife would love it if he played for Venezuela.

Take that as you will, but it would certainly be interesting if Orlando City's French center back ended up representing the South American country.