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Not-So-Casual Losses: Will Lack of Early Success Chase Away the Casual Fan?

The die hards will be patient, but casual fans may want to see wins before they invest more in becoming full fledged Orlando City fans.

Nick Leyva, The Mane Land

Wait! Don't jump just yet!

You have so much left to enjoy. Stay on the bandwagon. Winning is not only more enjoyable for the die-hard fan, but it also makes the casual fan more likely to continue to follow the team and go to the game.

At the early stages of Orlando City's inaugural season, it is crucial to win to hopefully turn some casual fans into loyal ones. Teams' wins and losses have impact on the fan -- hence the love of sports -- and if your team wins, it is more enjoyable to watch. Winning gets more fans on the bandwagon and, as a new team, it is important to get as many on the bandwagon as possible.

With two of the past three games resulting in losses -- with goals given up after the 90th minute -- some casual fans who wanted to be involved with the hype may be losing faith and hope in the team.They shouldn't.

With many people who live in Florida being transplants from other states, most have other professional teams that they root for in other sports. With MLS being relatively new and Orlando City in its inaugural season, this is the first team that all current Floridians can get around.

It is important for these fans to realize that the team is young and that this is the first time these guys are playing together, and that a recent rash of international call-ups and injuries takes time away from that togetherness, making practicing together impossible.

So, casual fan who became interested in watching soccer because their friends wanted to start following a new team, don't give up hope just yet. Keep your spot on that bandwagon and do not give it up. Soon it will be as crowded as the stands for the opening game of the season.