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Kaká Fired Up Lions with Passionate Pregame Speech Before New York City FC Match

You'll be ready to run through a wall for Kaká after seeing his Sunday pregame speech.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

In case you think Brazilian star Kaká is just here to retire and collect his Designated Player checks from Major League Soccer, take a look at his passionate pregame speech to his teammates prior to Orlando City's inaugural game Sunday. The captain then went out and led by example all game long, eventually scoring the equalizer in stoppage time.

The video of Kaká's speech is embedded below or can be seen on the Orlando City SC website by clicking here. The player you saw Sunday was not the same guy who we've seen through the preseason. Sunday's version of the Orlando City captain played faster and more physically than his preseason counterpart. The only thing missing was the timing with Carlos Rivas, who hadn't played since the first preseason game and returned from injury in an entirely different position.

This video will give you a serious case of the feels. If you thought you were emotionally spent after yesterday, you're about to be proven wrong.