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Your Orlando City Opening Day Hype Video

Get ready to feel some feelings as this reel gets you amped for Sunday's match between the Lions and New York City FC.

We're just two days away from Orlando City SC's first ever Major League Soccer game.

If you're a normal, warm-blooded Lions fan, no one has to tell you to be excited. But we're going to tell you anyway.


Did that help? No? Still need a little more of a push?

We've got you covered. This brief hype video should get you where you need to go. It touches on our past and looks ahead to whatever the future has in store for us Sunday (hint: it's a victory in front of 62,000+ fans at the Citrus Bowl over a team that may or may not be a rival).

Forget what's on your schedule for the next hour and just watch this over and over on a loop. Then get your ticket out and stare longingly at it for a few minutes. And repeat.

We'd like to thank the video editor who put this together for us but he wishes to remain anonymous.

Go City!

P.S. We're not done with the video medium. Not by a long shot.