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Coach's Show Recap: Heath on Brek, Donovan, Pedro, and Vancouver

Orlando City manager Adrian Heath breaks down the bullet points from the Houston match and prepares for Vancouver. Also, team VP of Communications Lenny Santiago gives a peek into the inner workings of a road trip.

Alex Menendez/Getty Images

Adrian Heath's weekly coach's show last night was a bit delayed due to difficulties with his call-in. When they got connected, he graded Orlando City's performance against the Houston Dynamo.

Heath noted particularly the performance of the defense, especially neutralizing Brad Davis and DaMarcus Beasley. He said he believes Brek Shea has the tools to develop into a top fullback. He even mentioned Jurgen Klinsmann being impressed by Brek's development on defense.

Adrian also said he was very impressed by the performance of goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts. He likes the example the 37-year-old keeper sets for the younger players, and thinks he can be a cornerstone for the team for a few years.

Of the coming international window, Adrian said it was an opportunity for other players to have a chance to play.

Of Kaká's substitution, Adrian said he was concerned about the heat in Houston, given his high work rate. He decided to take Kaká out for a defensive fortification.

A sound bite from Pedro Ribeiro was played where he said Adrian tasked him with keeping the Houston defense and keeper busy. Obviously that hit paydirt with the own goal. Heath said he got his reward for his performance, and he will get more time going forward.

The Lions coach noted how determined Rafael Ramos, an MLS Team of the Week pick, is to put his best out for the team. He has speed and talent to make up for his lack of height.

Heath gave no hints toward the lineup for the Vancouver match. He said there won't be many changes save for Aurelien Collin being put back in the starting lineup.

The subject turned to Saturday's match against Vancouver Whitecaps. The coach noted the Whitecaps' youth and speed, and said his team needs to be particularly careful in possession.

Heath left his call shortly before the bottom of the hour. The show mentioned "Gaming With The Pros," a new promotion from the team involving playing FIFA 15 with players. Information is available on the club's website.

The team's Vice President of Communications, Lenny Santiago, took the reigns of the show in the second segment, praising the back office in managing team operations. He mentioned the inner workings of a road trip, particularly booking the travel arrangements. Mention was given to former player Erik Ustruck.

He also noted Kaká flies coach with the rest of the team. Lenny noted that requests for Kaká are so numerous, he has to keep a separate folder on requests just for him.

Santiago talked about his previous line of work at International Speedway Corporation, including four years at Daytona International Speedway. He said that the season opener for Orlando City was very comparable with NASCAR races -- not the Daytona 500, but some still sizable races.

The Lions' VP said the schedule for the Houston trip was very tight. The team really only had Friday night after the win to enjoy their time on the road.