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Transfer Rumor: Liverpool Striker Mario Balotelli Linked with Orlando City Move

In one of the more fun transfer rumors we've seen this year, the Lions have been connected to a rumored move by Italian striker Mario Balotelli, who may have worn out his welcome at Liverpool.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

As far as transfer rumors that will probably never come true are concerned, this is a fun one. Multiple sources picked up a rumor linking enigmatic Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli with a potential move to Orlando City SC.

This report seems to be the source of the hubbub and it's been seen here and here. Importantly, the report doesn't provide any quoted insider as actually saying this is going to happen, and in fact says this (through Google translate):

The Italian international striker has no intention at present to go to a minor league such as the American, but as Mario never know. The player may be tempted by the culture of American life and decide to take the plunge early.

Try not to be upset that the outlet calls MLS a minor league, but also don't go looking for Super Mario to come to the City Beautiful anytime soon.


If the super talented yet super unpredictable Balotelli were to join the Lions, he'd bring world-class ability to a position that has struggled to produce at times in the preseason.  The Italian international has scored 70 goals in 179 games with Inter Milan, Manchester City, AC Milan and Liverpool since 2007.

Feel free to dream about Super Mario getting onto the end of Kaká through balls, but don't get your hopes up. We're giving this one less of a chance than the preseason Ronaldinho rumor.

What do you think? Do you even want the volatile Balotelli in Orlando?