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Snarky U.K. Writers Miss Important Detail About Kaká's First Goal for Orlando City

Some British outlets were quick with the snark at learning Kaká scored his first Orlando City goal in front of just a few spectators. The problem? The game was closed to the public.

Dave Giesbrecht, The Mane Land

There are lazy writers and then there are lazy soccer writers for UK outlets who love to crap on Major League Soccer and football in this country in general.

The latter were hilariously illustrated this week when Orlando City SC played a closed scrimmage against FC Dallas and word got out that Kaká had scored his first goal with his new club. Based only on a few highlight videos, outlets such as and Squawka found great pleasure in pointing out the minuscule fan turnout for the Brazilian's first goal in his shiny new purple kit.

What both outlets failed to bother to check was whether the game was open to the public. It wasn't.

Generally speaking, the concept of a closed scrimmage is a pretty simple one. Fans aren't allowed in to watch. It isn't open to the public. Only team members (and sometimes media, although not tomorrow vs. Toronto FC) are allowed in. OK, you get the picture. And now you're one step ahead of lazy journalists who are too busy trying to be funny with their snark that they can't even stop to ask the question, "wait, was this open to the public?"

I mean, here's how Orlando reacted to the Lions signing Kaká:

Given that, it should raise a red flag if you see footage of a game without fans. After all, more than 7,000 10,000 supporters have already registered just to watch the Designated Player and his teammates train tonight at the Citrus Bowl.

Sam Long at Squawka and whoever posts as "eurosport" at should be ashamed of themselves for posting such garbage. But they are probably incapable of feeling shame. At the very least they should apologize to the legitimately good U.K. writers.