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An Update for Orlando City on FIFA 15

As City fans count down the time until they can play as their favorite club on the popular video game, we take a look at an updated roster and their ratings.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it's almost that time. The MLS season is nearly upon us (hopefully), which means the popular soccer video game FIFA 15 will be updated to include Orlando City SC as a playable team. As it stands right now, the only way to do anything with Orlando is to play the Ultimate Team mode. Currently, only Kaká, Tally Hall and Brek Shea are in the game as Orlando City players.

According to various sources, an update to FIFA 15 is due to come out on Feb. 14, or thereabouts. In the update, Orlando should be made a playable team with updated rosters and such. In the same update, all the Orlando players currently on the roster should be added to Ultimate Team as well.

But why wait until then to see what the team looks like? As I did about a month ago, I created a fancy design model with all the players on the team at the time, which was only 18 players. Now the roster stands at 30 players and, thanks to, I made an updated graphic of what the roster will look like this year, complete with all the player ratings directly from the game itself.

Orlando City Fifa Update 2

(Note: This chart I put together doesn't reflect any prediction of a starting lineup. It's just how I designed it.)

Overall, it's a solid roster for a first-year team. Kaká is still the only gold player on the team, however defender Paulo André would have been another gold with a 75 rating, but he will no longer be signing with Orlando. A good number of silver players (any player rated 65-74) are sprinkled throughout the team, including Brek Shea, Amobi OkugoAurelien CollinDonovan Ricketts, Tally Hall, Gustavo and Carlos Rivas. The rest of the roster is rounded out by bronze players, who are 64 rated and under. Most of the bronze players, however, are either quite young, or new to the video game itself.

For example, Kevin Molino was given a rating of 49 by FIFA 15. This is probably because he hasn't been in a FIFA video game before and they just assigned him a number. In the case of another USL Pro player, Luke Boden, he was a 56 rated midfielder with Sheffield Wednesday back in FIFA 11, so his rating just carried over.

A few players, however, are still not anywhere in the game. These would include all five draft picks from the SuperDraft, as well as Bryan Róchez. I went ahead and took the initiative of giving them random ratings because, in the end, that's probably what they'll do anyways. All five of the draft picks' ratings will hover somewhere between a 64 and 48. These ratings, including Róchez's, will change for sure, so take them with a grain of salt.

The Lions roster is still not 100% complete yet, though. After failing to come to an agreement with Paulo André, Orlando may still add a veteran center back to the roster. Also, a few of the guys you see on the roster now may not make it to opening day. At least four of them will be sent to their USL Pro affiliate, Louisville City FC, but that's the only thing for sure right now.

Folks, you may not be happy with some of the ratings the players got and I'm right there with you. Just remember, it takes them a while to translate real performance ratings into the game. Heck, even after Dom Dwyer had his breakout year in 2013, it took them until midway through the next year's game, FIFA 14, to update his stats to reflect his growth.

For now, just look forward to Feb. 14 and get ready to score some goals with Orlando City.

UPDATE: FIFA 15 did not release an update this weekend. Some sites are now reporting that next Friday, Feb 20th will be the day for the update.  Fingers crossed!