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MLS Commissioner Don Garber Joins Kaká and Orlando City to Kick Off #FillTheBowl Campaign

MLS Commissioner Don Garber was on hand at the Citrus Bowl today, along with Mayor Teresa Jacobs and Mayor Buddy Dyer, to help the Lions launch their #FillTheBowl campaign.

Andrew Marcinko

It was unseasonably cold and windy at the Citrus Bowl on Thursday, but that did little to dampen the enthusiasm of Orlando City SC's VIP guests.

Just over a month away from the March 8 opener, today marked the official start of Orlando City's #FillTheBowl Campaign. The goal, of course, is to sell some 60,000 or so tickets for the Lions' first ever MLS match against fellow expansion side New York City FC.

MLS Commissioner Don Garber was in attendance, along with Mayors Buddy Dyer (Orlando) and Teresa Jacobs (Orange County). From the club, Kaká, Adrian Heath, and Phil Rawlins were on hand.

"The community has come together like no other," said Rawlins. "Today, we launch the #FillTheBowl campaign. Our goal is to have close to 60,000 fans in this house."

The gathering was highlighted by the excitement of the commissioner and both mayors regarding Orlando's success so far. The team has sold over 11,000 season ticket packages already, and they are well on their way to reaching the cap of 14,000.

"Our goal is to fill the bowl," Garber said. "For all of you that are listening today, go out and get your tickets. Let's show them what the city of Orlando can be and how we can come out and support the rise of the soccer nation in our country."

The team debuted the official logo for the #FillTheBowl campaign, and each of the VIPs gathered around to sign a large banner.

Rawlins had a final message for the opening day opponent, NYCFC. Interestingly, he seems to have taken to not referencing the fellow expansion club by name, a la Urban Meyer and Michigan.

"It will make [The Citrus Bowl] a very electrifying atmosphere and a great place to be playing that day," concluded Rawlins. "Hopefully we can take down the expansion franchise in New York."