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Orlando City Nearing Season Ticket Sellout Mark

If you're waiting to buy your season tickets for the Lions' inaugural Major League Soccer season, your time is quickly running out. The team has less than 2,000 season tickets left for 2015.

If you are planning on buying season tickets for Orlando City SC's inaugural MLS season, you are probably running out of time. The club announced today that it has reached the 12,000-mark in season ticket sales and the Lions will cap sales of full-year passes at 14,000.

At the current rate, the club will reach the 14,000-seat mark about a week before the opening kickoff against New York City FC on March 8. Orlando City has already sold more than 40,000 tickets for the opener, in an attempt to #FillTheBowl and draw more than 60,000 on opening day.

Because the new soccer specific stadium opening in 2016 will have a capacity of 20,000, the club is capping the number of season tickets sold so that the transition from the Orlando Citrus Bowl will be easier.

According to the club, the Orlando Citrus Bowl's Club Section, along with other sections such as Midfield East, are nearing sellout capacity

"Less than three weeks remain and we are 2,000 season tickets shy of our goal -- a remarkable accomplishment by our team and a testament to the growing passion of soccer fans in this great city," said Orlando City Founder and President Phil Rawlins in a club press release. "For those still waiting on the sidelines to purchase their season tickets, I encourage you to act fast before you miss this historic opportunity. We have elected to cap our season tickets in order to deliver the best customer service as we transition to our brand new home in 2016. Don't miss out!"

Basically, the club is saying that if you're one of those people who wait until the last minute to act, this is the last minute. Anyone not making their purchase soon for either season tickets or the home opener is risking getting shut out. Sellouts in the Orlando market are infrequent, and fans might be lulled into thinking there is plenty of time. There isn't.

Who wouldn't want some of this hotness? Will we see you there on March 8?