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Orlando City's 2015 Fantasy Outlook

Checking out which Lions could have the most fantasy soccer impact in 2015.

Kevin Molino could be a difference maker for your fantasy season.
Kevin Molino could be a difference maker for your fantasy season.
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of unknowns with Orlando City SC in fantasy soccer terms. Quite a few of the players didn't play in MLS last season or any other season, so it's hard to tell if they'll adjust to the style of play or not. Also, it's not certain what shape or style Adrian Heath will have the Lions play (he prefers the 4-2-3-1, but is tinkering right now), which further masks what individual players will be productive.

But these things shouldn't completely drive you away from adding OCSC's finest to your squad. Here are some of Orlando City's fantasy prospects for the 2015 season.

Note: I'm rolling with Yahoo's MLS Fantasy Soccer values and stats, because hasn't put its 2015 edition of the game online yet and ESPN doesn't appear to have one anymore. You have $100 million to fill 15 roster spots and here's a link to the scoring rules.

Best Player: Kaká ($18.97 M). Tied for the most expensive midfielder on Yahoo's MLS Fantasy game, Kaká will command a large percentage of any squad's budget. It's risky to bet big on a star name -- especially one with an injury history like his -- but he's looked sharp in the preseason and should be the focal point of the Lions' attack, meaning plenty of goals and assists. If Kaká takes penalty kicks and set pieces, he'll be worth the price.

Make or Break Player: Kevin Molino ($7.35 M). Now, if you're strapped for cash and want a midfielder who's going to be productive but not kill your budget, Molino's the man. Maybe we're putting too much stock in preseason play, but anyone who's following the club thinks Molino's going to break out big. He's linked up well with Kaká in the attacking third and could help out with goals and assists. The midfielder could give you solid production at almost a third of the price of the former World Player of the Year.

Most Risk: Aurelien Collin ($10.19 M). He's the only certainty on the back line, which has a lot of unknowns right now. The other center back spot opposite Collin has been a revolving door so far. Both Heath Pierce and Paulo Andre spurned the club, and Orlando City waived Gustavo, who's still valued on Yahoo at  $10.39 million, despite getting released by the club. Defenders have low goal-scoring prospects and more negative point earning categories, so Collin at a little bit over $10 million might be too steep for your roster.

Cheap buys: Tally Hall ($3.02 M). There are a lot of ifs with Tally Hall. He's currently rehabbing an ACL tear. MLS goalkeeping legend Donovan Ricketts is also on roster and was solid last season. And if you haven't kept up with the team lately, the center back position is in flux. That being said, he could be a great stash on the bench. He's a low buy and he has proven success in the past (two MLS Cup trips in 2011 and 2012). If Hall comes back from his ACL tear in form and beats Ricketts for the number one spot at keeper, $3.02 million will be a solid investment.

The season's first kickoff is March 6, so there's plenty of time to get rosters in order and see how squads shape up before opening day.