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Orlando City Holiday Shopping Guide

The holidays are just around the corner and if you are looking for gift ideas for that Orlando City fan on your list, look no further. We highlight a few things that no Orlando City fan can be without.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The holidays are here and it's that time of year to find some gifts for our loved ones. Here are some items that could make gifts for that Orlando City fan on your list. We will go through some nice tailgating items and help you decide which jersey would be the best for you.

Free Stuff!

Let's start with something that is free and no Orlando City fan should be without, and that is Orlando City and Orlando Pride magnets. These can be picked up at the Orlando City offices downtown. Stop by on Magnet Monday.

Tailgate Items

Tailgating at the Citrus Bowl has become part of the fun of going to an Orlando City match. No tailgater should ever be with out a "koozie" or a can/bottle hugger at a tailgate. The MLS Store has a couple of options with the simple $5 can hugger to the full wine tote with the OC Logo that goes for $14.

Something with a bigger price tag is an Orlando City Tailgate table from Victory Tailgate. These tables are eight feet long by two feet wide and weigh 22 pounds -- and are the perfect length and height to have a nice feast or just stand around while they hold your food and drink. They come in a couple different designs but I am fan of the soccer field design. The tables cost $99 and would be a nice addition to the die-hard tailgater. Victory Tailgate also makes corn hole games, larger Orlando City Tumble Towers (Jenga, basically), and Orlando washer games.

Scarves and Shirts

If you are looking for a cheap option for apparel, look no further than a supporters scarf. The MLS Store has a couple of different options including one that has the lion head as the main focus, with yellow being the primary color. My personal favorite is the simple purple Orlando City with half the logo on each side. The MLS Store has it for $24.99.

The final thing we should talk about is the team's jersey. There will be a new away jersey next year, which means this year's white jersey you will be able to get marked down. It is a great option if you're looking to save some money and still get your jersey. The one that every fan wants is the home purple jersey. There are a couple of options. Let's start with the priciest, which is the authentic jersey with a name and number on the back. This jersey, which will set you back $149.99, is exactly like the ones the players wear. They run a little bit smaller than what you normally wear, so get a size up. The tight jersey look is not a good one and in the blistering heat in the summer you will thank us.

The next, and I think the best for the money, is the replica jersey. This one doesn't have some of nice details the authentic one has. For example, the material is slightly heavier on the replica and the gold trim is also missing. These small details shouldn't keep you from getting an unnamed jersey that is only $85 for men's and $75 for women's. My personal recommendation is that you do not get a name on the back of jersey. This is something I do no matter what jersey I buy because you never know how long that player is going to be on the team.

So, there are some nice items that would make a good gift for any Orlando City fan. Oh, and here's something else that will help:

What items would you want? Leave some suggestions below for some fellow supporters.