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Orlando City Foundation, Supporters Join Forces to Help the Community

In a moment of need in the community, the Orlando City Foundation rallies together area businesses and supporters groups to improve lives in Parramore.

Luis Hernandez, The Mane Land

If you ask Kay Rawlins, President of the Orlando City Foundation, why it matters for the Lions to be involved in giving back to the local area, she will tell you that 'community' is one of the founding pillars of Orlando City. A Parramore woman found her family in need when her brother was a victim of street violence, leaving behind two teenage sons with no one to take care of them. Stop The Violence and Embrace, a local non-profit, was able to inform the Orlando City Foundation about this family's dire housing dilemma.

"I first heard of the woman's story through her colleagues at Stop the Violence and Embrace in Parramore. Coincidentally, I received an email from an Orlando City Alumni Paul Holmes, who currently works for Lowes, asking if he could get involved in any projects," said Rawlins.

Using the power of the club, the Foundation was able to network volunteers, businesses looking to contribute to the community, and families in need. Holmes coordinated the resources provided by the Lowe's Heroes program and the volunteering spirit of The Ruckus Cares (the philanthropic arm of the Ruckus supporter group) to renovate a home donated to this family.

"I am amazed by how quickly everyone came together," Rawlins said. "From donating major kitchen appliances and home furniture, to construction supplies and paint, the house has been completely renovated."

The Lowe's Heroes team was also able to work with Sherwin Williams, CLI Landscaping, the Consilium Group, and Paradies & Company to provide over $10,000 in resources towards the family home--as well as weeks of volunteer time. The project will continue for the rest of the month until completed.

Orlando City's supporters groups also rallied to the cause. As Ruckus President Luis Guzman stated, "Ruckus Cares augments and works in conjunction with the Orlando City Foundation to contribute to the community."

This is one of five major events that Ruckus Cares participates in throughout the year.

The Orlando City Foundation doesn't have an off-season. More projects like the one in Parramore will be planned in the future throughout Central Florida, including the OCB area in Brevard Country. People looking to get involved with the foundation can get more information here.

The Mane Land salutes the good work of the Orlando City Foundation and The Ruckus Cares for pitching in and helping out the community!