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Leaked Adidas Catalog Shows Orlando City Will Have New Road Kits Next Season

According to a leaked Adidas catalog, Orlando City will retain its purple kits for 2016 but will wear new road kits for the 2016 season.

A leaked Adidas catalog making the rounds has apparently revealed that Orlando City will feature new road kits for the 2016 season. The club's road kits are also marked down at retailers such as, lending credence to the idea that the white road jersey will change for next year.

The catalog features kits from the 20 MLS teams along with shirts, jackets, vests, shorts, pants, and training apparel. While the home kit appears the same as the club's inaugural 2015 season, the away kit has a placeholder shot of the lion which is prominently displayed on the club's crest.

OC 2016 Leaked Road Jersey

Note that there is no placeholder image for a third kit, so it may be safe to say fans shouldn't expect an alternate jersey for 2016.

Some clubs' away kits were displayed in the catalog. The fact that the catalog used the placeholder rather than the white kit used during the 2015 season leads to speculation that the club will be using the new road kit for the 2016 season.

Throughout the club's five-year history, they've worn a white away kit with purple trim other than the inaugural USL campaign, when red was used as the primary color. It's possible that, while the kit may be different for the coming season, the Lions will still maintain their traditional white as their away kit.

The club's official kits for the 2016 season will be revealed during the league's Jersey Week shortly before the coming season begins.