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Lion Links: 10/8/15

In today's Lion Links, we celebrate another day on Earth, Sepp Blatter might be suspended, Orlando City made a movie, and more!

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Congratulations on surviving the world ending again, Lions Nation!

Hi, I'm Gavin Ewbank, and you're reading today's Lion Links, presented by The Mane Land, and unofficially brought to you by 4Rivers Smokehouse.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, another religious group went into Wednesday claiming the world would end yesterday -- and just after McDonald's finally started serving breakfast all day -- and, well, I'm still here, and so are you, I think.

Orlando City is also still alive, and by that I mean they're still in the playoff hunt thanks to the Montreal Impact, who fell to the New York Red Bulls last night in New Jersey. If Montreal can lose, or at least draw, in Colorado in Saturday night the Lions will head into their final two games of the season on even games with the Impact and still very capable of claiming a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

Now, to a fan-favorite segment of the site that we like to call Lion Links:

"Making History"

Orlando City has made a lot of history this season, both on and off the field, with their entrance into MLS and countless successful campaigns around the Orlando community. The team has parlayed its history into a 47-minute feature film called 'Making History' that will debut at the Orlando Film Festival Wednesday, Oct. 21. Full details in the link above.

Word on the street is that this film has a M. Night Shyamalan twist ending that has Orlando City making the playoffs. :)

Larin On His Debut MLS Season

Cyle Larin is having quite the rookie season for Orlando City. A goal-scoring record and likely Rookie of the Year award, Larin has focused himself on nothing but playing the game at his highest level. He recently spoke with about his play, and his mindset when he takes the field.

Sepp Blatter's in the News Again

Stop me if you've heard this one: FIFA President Sepp Blatter is in trouble. According to reports around the interweb on Wednesday, Blatter is facing a 90-day suspension from the FIFA Ethics Committee after the Swiss attorney general opened criminal proceedings against him. A final decision on the possible suspension is expected to be made today. Blatter announced earlier this year that he'll be stepping down as FIFA president, which no one will believe until it happens.

Here's what's gonna happen: Sepp will be suspended, but still show up to work on Monday because he's just doing what's in the best interest of FIFA at this moment in time.

MLS And Draft Kings

When was the last time you watched TV? Well, I'm gonna guess you probably saw at least one FanDuel or Draft Kings commercial -- probably both. These sports gambling websites know as "one-day" fantasy games have become huge over the past several months. In case you were aware, in light of this recent Draft Kings/FanDuel employee "scandal," MLS is officially partnered with Draft Kings. Fellow SB Nation blog The Burgundy Wave has a pretty strong take on the partnership and why MLS is in the wrong for it.

* * *

That's all, folks! Thanks for tuning in, and enjoy another day on planet Earth.