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Orlando City Coach's Show Recap: Adrian Heath Talks Montreal, MLS Playoff Race

On this week's coach's show, the Lions' head coach looks back at Saturday night's 2-1 win over the Montreal Impact and discusses where his team sits in the playoff race.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

On this week's Orlando City Coach's Show with Adrian Heath, the Lions' boss discusses Saturday night's crucial 2-1 win over the Montreal Impact and discusses where his team currently sits as they fight for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

Montreal Impact Game

"The bottom line was, if we hadn't won the game, it would've been all over."

"It was a special evening. Our supporters were fantastic again."

"We're all still in Montreal's hands. But I honestly believe they won't take maximum points."

Crowd Support

"Nobody left. Everyone stayed to see us through."

Tommy Redding/Rafael Ramos Collision

"Rafa took the worse of it. He ended up with 16 stitches."

"(Rafa's) looked worse but Tommy was worse off."

"We're hoping that Rafa will be available for the (NYCFC) game."

"We played Tommy because Seb's shoulder was still sore and we didn't want to put him on early in case he injured it again or his shoulder popped out."

Brek Shea at Right Back

"Brek was different class in the right back position."

Pre-Game Talk

"You want to get lads pumped up for the game but you don't want to get them over that. Because then they don't do things naturally. That's one of the most important things."

Montreal's Goal

"Tally had both hands on the ball and it should've been a foul. The rule says that if he has his hands on the ball they can't kick it out. It was a poor decision for me."

Defensive Midfield Play

"Cristian Higuita has been exceptional all season. I thought Servando came in and played really, really well for him."

Defending Dominic Oduro

"We defended him really well. We boxed him off and kept close to him in the proper area."

Seb Hines Goal

"I was pleased for Seb because he's had a tough time. He's been in and out of the team and he's had injuries and he had his knee drained a couple of times. For him to come on and get the winning goal, a great finish, at the time I didn't know who it was and I certainly didn't expect it to be Seb."

Postseason Work

"At the end of this season we review what we've done. Have we overtrained? Have we undertrained? Did we do too much preseason? Did we not do enough preseason? There's a lot of questions we have put down."


"We have all the latest technology. We have a GPS system where the players have a chip in the top that they train in so it tells us how far they've run every single day. How quick they've been running, high intense running. Obviously we weigh them every morning. Some of these guys, with the weather we get here in Florida, they can lose seven, eight, nine pounds in a training session."

"One of the most important things is getting rest at the appropriate time."

"It's probably as tough in America as anywhere because of the travel you have to do to get to games."

Internationals on Bye Week

"Darwin Ceren's gone away. He's going to be hugely important for us over the next couple of games so hopefully he comes back fit and well. Fortunately Cyle's not gone. Ricky's gone but he's not going to be available for the New York game anyway. We just hope Brek, he'll be out for the New York game as well, but we hope he comes back fit and well."

Offseason Transactions

"If the right player became available, and he fits in with what we're trying to do, I'm sure we'll do it."

Playing with Two Forwards

"I've thought about it on a few occasions."

"It's something I always think about. Especially over the past few weeks as Bryan Rochez has given us something to think about. Now that he's fit and well."

Changing Formation

"The important thing is that the players are comfortable with what you're trying to do."

NYCFC Approach

"Knowing Jason (Kreis), he won't want to finish second to the other expansion team."

Club's Success

"The bar has been raised for future expansion teams."

Goal Celebration Punishments

"I think the league are doing enough on that side. They're trying to take the fun out of scoring a goal."

"I for the life of me can't understand why people get a yellow card for taking their shirt off when they score. I think it's ludicrous."

Preparing for NYCFC

"Refocus. Forget what's gone on and all our efforts, on and off the field, and prepare for the biggest game we've ever had which is next Friday."

"I'm confident we'll get a result."