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Lion Links: 10/7/15

Updates on Orlando City injuries, get the chance to meet Pedro Ribeiro, Zlatan's interest in Orlando and Donovan says Klinsmann should be fired with loss.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Another Wednesday here at The Mane Land, and we don't even have an Orlando City game to look forward to this week. Despite no games, there is still plenty of news, and we've got you covered right here with the links.

Let's get to it.

Updates on Injuries

A bit of bad news coming out of Orlando City is backup goalkeeper Earl Edwards had an operation on his knee and will be out for a few weeks. The Lions recalled goalkeeper Josh Ford from Fort Lauderdale to back up Tally Hall before this past weekend's game against Montreal. He will likely continue to serve in that role. But it shouldn't matter much because if anyone but Hall gets in goal during these last few games, I'll probably just scream my head off.

Also, after a nasty collision in the Montreal game,'s Simon Veness provided an update on Tommy Redding and Rafael Ramos.

So that's not terrific news. But what really matters is that the two young backs are for the most part OK and will make a full recovery.

Also, Darwin Ceren was voted the team's player of the year and Tally Hall was the fans' player of the year at the team's award gala Sunday. Both are fair picks.

Meet Pedro Ribeiro

Orlando City fans could get the chance to meet Lion forward Pedro Ribeiro if they head to the Tommy Hilfiger Outlet on Vineland Ave on Friday.

And yes, you can pick up one of those sweet polos at the outlet.

Killing two birds with one stone if you ask me. So go check it out, and who knows, maybe you'll get to meet the famous author of this post along with Ribeiro.

Tempting, I know.

Zlatan Coming to Orlando?

The Mane Land's Michael Citro eloquently made sense of the rumor that Zlatan Ibrahimovic could be a target for Orlando City this Summer. One of the more interesting notes with Ibrahimovic is that nobody seems to know who owns his discovery rights, therefore no one really knows what it would take to get him to Orlando.

Mane Lander Kyle Foley summed it up nicely, though. The city doesn't pick Zlatan. Zlatan picks the city. I agree with that. Hopefully Zlatan picks purple.

Klinsmann on the Hot Seat?

Supremely bitter Landon Donovan is calling for the job of Jurgen Klinsmann, the man who left him off the World Cup roster, if the U.S. loses to Mexico and fails to qualify for the Confederations Cup in 2017.

To be fair, Donovan's reasoning is sound.

"Around the world, if a player plays poorly and a player has a bad string of results they get dropped from the team," Donovan told ESPN FC. "Jurgen said many times he wants our players to feel pressure -- so if they lose a game they can't go to the grocery store the next day. If they lose a game they are getting hammered in the press.

"Well, the same holds true for the coach and so we had a very poor summer with bad results in the Gold Cup. The last game against Brazil was probably the worst game I've seen them play under Jurgen. The reality is that now, anywhere else in the world, if this coach had those results, and they lose this game against Mexico, they'd be fired.

"I think if Jurgen wants to hold all the players to that standard, then he has to be held to that standard too."

But given the source, it just comes across to me as sour grapes. Should the U.S. lose, there will be plenty of people calling for Klinsmann's job. And they would be right to, but someone like Donovan probably should have just kept his thoughts to himself.

That's it for your Wednesday links. Enjoy your Hump Day.