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Lion Links: 10/21/15

Orlando Pride announced, Larin living up to the hype, Leiweke gets on board with Beckham, and FIFA continues to attempt to clean up its act. It's all here in today's Lion Links.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday during an announcement we'll get to later, Orlando City president Phil Rawlins predicted a 5-0 win over Philadelphia this weekend and if the thought of that doesn't help you get past the hump day I don't know what will.

These Lion Links should help you get through the hump day too. Unless you don't like cool things about soccer. Then I don't know what you're doing with your life, frankly.

Some stuff happened and now we're going to talk about it.

Welcoming the Women

As you may have heard, Orlando City announced the acquisition of the Orlando Pride in the NWSL for the 2016 season (Hey I wrote that story! You should read it).

The club also revealed a logo, which is the Lake Eola fountain, rather than something lion-related like many people expected. There is a reason for that.

So basically the battle between Nike and Adidas to see who has the biggest wiener prevented us from getting what we wanted. Such is life.

Also announced was the club's first coach: Tom Sermanni. Sermanni is a former USWNT coach, so he knows the game pretty well. Also, from the five minutes I spent with him I gather he is a hell of a nice guy. Good choice, City.

You can watch the entire press conference below.

Quiet Larin Living up to the Hype

Cyle Larin is good at scoring goals. Cyle Larin doesn't talk a lot. It's a rare and refreshing combination for a future superstar in today's world of outspoken diva-like superstars. Simon Veness goes in-depth on Larin and what the club was expecting from Larin when they drafted him.

Seventeen goals later, Larin has surpassed all expectations. And he has done so in the quietest manner.

Sidenote: My only quarrel with this story is I have never heard him called that nickname before, and I think he needs a new, much better nickname. Silent Assassin comes to mind. Or how 'bout the Muted Marksman? Or Reticent Rifleman? Thoughts?

Kaká Feeling at Home in Orlando

Paul Tenorio of the Orlando Sentinel talked to Kaká about his first season in Orlando and it turns out the Brazilian is feeling right at home in the City Beautiful. Among the revelations in the story is that Kaká missed Orlando while away with the Brazilian national team, and he enjoys going to Magic and UCF games and doing 'American' things. Check out the story and see how comfortable Ricky seems about being in MLS with Orlando City.

Leiweke Joins Team Beckham

President and CEO of Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment Tim Leiweke has joined David Beckham's investment group in an effort to move closer to making Miami an eventual MLS expansion team. Leiweke is a big dog in the sports world, and will likely be instrumental in speeding up the process, if the reports of him joining Beckham are true.

Leiweke and Beckham go way back, as the executive played a big role in getting Beckham to LA Galaxy, so the partnership would make sense. It also gives Beckham someone who actually has experience in, you know, owning a sports team.

FIFA Tries

The governing body of soccer is trying to clean up its act a bit since being revealed as the most corrupt sports entity in the history of ever this past summer.

They'll amend the code of ethics. They confirmed a February election, and more.

It's nice to see the effort. But until they've proven that they're committed to cleaning up the organization and actually implemented some changes I'll remain hesitant.

That's all we got, gang. Now let the pregaming for this weekend's historic 5-0 win over Philadelphia.