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Your 'Ask Orlando City Anything' Media Day Answers

Last week, we asked you to send us the questions you wanted answered at Orlando City's Media Day. Here's what we've got for you!

Alessandro Tagliabue, The Mane Land

Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply to our open thread last week! The Mane Land crew had a blast at Orlando City SC Media Day, and we tried our best to get answers for you.

Keep in mind, there were dozens of other reporters there from around the globe, so we weren't able to ask every single question. In particular, Head Coach Adrian Heath, Lions Founder and President Phil Rawlins, and Designated Player Kaka only spoke at the press conference in front of at least 50 media members. Still, we did our best! Here are the responses:

1. When talking about the depth on defense, Heath said of left back, "We've got Luke Boden and Brek Shea, who can also play there."

Does that mean that's where he's playing, or does that just mean he's an option if Boden struggles? We don't know. Take it as you will.

2. Coach Heath didn't address the CBA talks on the day, and he wasn't available for individual interviews. Tally Hall is the Players Union representative for Orlando City, and he had this to say: "When you're on the field, there's only one thing that matters, and that is coming together as a team. Today's the first day of training, and we're working toward winning championships. That's our priority. [CBA discussions] happen after training's over."

1. Kaka said, "I spoke with Adrian [Heath] two weeks ago. "We're trying out some ideas. He'll try me on the field in some positions to see which one is the best for me."

Apparently there's been at least some discussion of deploying Kaka in a role other than central midfield. This was news to us! We'll keep you posted.

2. Kaka is already on record saying he spoke with David Beckham prior to his move to Major League Soccer.

Give me a break NoName! I've got to wait until at least his second press conference before I ask him this one! In all seriousness though, how hilarious would it have been if I had asked this? Missed opportunity I suppose! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Not to get emotional on you guys, but seriously thank you so much for your questions. Fan involvement and inclusiveness is one of the things that makes SB Nation sites some of the best sports blogs on the planet. So please, keep the comments coming!