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Orlando City's Bromance: Luke Boden and Lewis Neal

The two original Lions are fast friends off the pitch, and had some interesting things to say about each other on Media Day.

Luke Boden and Lewis Neal
Luke Boden and Lewis Neal
Alessandro Tagliabue

The friendship with two of the original Orlando City SC players, Lewis Neal and Luke Boden, is something special. These two Englishmen have developed a bond that can only be described as a 'bromance.'

After both of them came to Orlando in 2011, the two lefties became fast friends.

"We roomed together the first year we came over here," Boden said. "And coming to a new country, leaving your family at home and not knowing anybody is tough, so obviously when me and Lou roomed together we sort of pulled each other through. It was really tough at first but obviously it's become great."

That friendship during the 2011 season helped with the overall chemistry of the team and eventually culminated with a regular season and postseason championship. This success from Orlando, however, brought lots of attention to Neal, as well as other players. D.C. United eventually came calling for his services and whisked him away to MLS. Neal spent the last three years playing with the Black and Red and scored some very memorable goals for them in the process.

Going into this off-season, he was left unprotected in the MLS Expansion Draft and Orlando snagged him with its fifth pick.

"When Lou left, it was sad, because he was a good friend of mine," Boden recalled. "But when he came back, I was the happiest man in the world."

"We're probably too close at times," Neal added. "It's probably not the healthiest thing, but oh well!"

Bodz and Lou

One of the questions that was asked was who would be the biggest prankster on the team.

"First day, everybody's pretty quiet, but there's been a few conversations." said Boden, "A week or two in, it's gonna get interesting!"

When Neal asked Boden where the conversations were coming from, Neal took full responsibility for starting them.

Boden went on to say that the pranks are a part of the team bonding.

"The Gaffer (Heath) has always made sure to bring in players that are good, but also good people as well," he said.

"But its a way of bonding, a little banter in the changing rooms. It's always good fun."

Having these two blokes together again can only be good for Orlando. Their bond can hopefully speed up the rest of the team in getting to know each other and becoming friends on and off the field.

Just to top everything off, when asked what his most frequent google search was, Boden replied, "Probably images of Lewis Neal."

Needless to say, as long as these two guys are around the team, there will never be a dull moment.