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A Look at Orlando City's FIFA 15 Roster

Now that Orlando City has its roster almost complete, it's time to take a look at how the team fares when it comes to FIFA 15's ratings.

Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images

(Check out an updated version of this story here!)

FIFA 15 is arguably one of the most popular sports video games in the world. This year, hopefully, Orlando City SC will make an appearance as a playable team in the game. Many fans are hoping for a possible January update, however there hasn't been any news in regards to that.

Luckily for City fans, many of the players on the current roster are playable in the game's Ultimate Team mode. After going through and finding all of the players that are in the game, I was able to put together a makeshift Orlando City roster. Thanks to the folks at, I used their design model and made a fancy graphic of what the roster will look like next year, complete with all the player ratings.

Orlando City in FIFA 15

First off, let me go on record here by saying that having Kevin Molino as one of the lowest rated players on the team is laughable. All Orlando City fans know exactly what he is capable of on the field, so hopefully that will change soon after the season starts.

Looking at the roster as a whole, however, it does seem very well put together. Obviously you have the sole gold player in Kaká in the attacking midfield role, as well as the silver players (any player rated 65-74) Brek Shea, Amobi Okugo, Aurelien Collin, Donovan Ricketts and Tally Hall. That leaves the rest of the players on the roster bronze, meaning they are rated 64 and lower.

The only mystery on this team is what Bryan Róchez's rating will be. I took a wild guess and gave him a 60. This was mainly because I haven't seen him play, so I just went on the opinions of what I had heard from others. As far as that striker position goes, according to FIFA 15, it is the one position where Orlando City is really lacking any firepower.

As far as Róchez goes, he may well be an amazing striker in MLS. The issues with him are that he is only 19 years old and unproven in the league, which is very different from the Honduran league he played in last year. Then there are Jairo Arrieta and Danny Mwanga on the bench and both of them have had their game fall off a bit in recent seasons.

There are reports that Orlando is trying to pick up Colombian striker Carlos Rivas, but as of right now, nothing has happened with that. Rivas, according to FIFA 15, is a silver player with a rating of 67, so his addition would definitely shore up the striker position for Orlando.

In every other position, the Lions seem to have solid veterans mixed with young potential across the board. FIFA updates their ratings over the course of the season, so don't be surprised when Molino jumps up to a 68 after scoring 12 goals in the first half of the year. The point is, take these ratings with a grain of salt, because there are bound to be changes just around the corner.