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Welcome to The Mane Land

An introduction to The Mane Land, SB Nation's dedicated blog for Orlando City SC coverage. We like lion puns and we aren't afraid to use them.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Hello and welcome to The Mane Land, your source for information, news, analysis, humor and all manner of cool things related to Orlando City SC, one of the two new kids on the block in MLS. We're extremely excited to have been invited to join the SB Nation family, representing fans of our Orlando City Lions.

Our plan is to cover our favorite team with, hopefully, both the professionalism of a good media outlet and the perspective that can only be uniquely found in fans of the club. We will try to be first with a story, but above all we will try to be accurate. If any source seems a little iffy to us, we'll track down a second before we report.

We plan to bring you stories, opinions, tactical breakdowns, an entertaining and informative podcast (or "PawedCast" as we like to call it), cool photos and videos, and anything else we think you'll like. We have a guy bringing you updates from Orlando City's USL Pro affiliate in Louisville. We have another writer who will keep you up to date on City's youth academy happenings. We've got a decent sized staff now, but we plan to grow it even further, all to serve you in your fandom of our Lions.

We can't wait to report on the exploits of Kaka, Kevin Molino, Tally Hall and all the Lions who aren't even on the team yet. Bringing you the complete picture is what we're here for. We'll celebrate together after wins and drown our sorrows together after those tough losses.

We're looking forward to hearing from you. Tell us what we're doing well and what you'd like us to do better, or to do more of. This is your community as much as it is ours. Feel free to interact via the comments sections of our stories, as well as by fanshots and fanposts. We hope you'll enjoy our new digs.

Orlando City has its Society XXI. Those of you who found us before we moved here into our new home are our version of that. You got in on the ground floor and gave us a chance early on, before our new "stadium" was even built. We appreciate that.

Thanks. We look forward to building something special with you, and where Orlando City goes, we'll follow.